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Description of Services

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine:
Acupuncture is the use of very fine sterile needles placed in specific ACU points  located along channels called MERIDIANS that course up/down the entire body. All ACUpoints reside near a blood vessel, a nerve and a lymphatic vessel just below the skin in the connective tissue along these meridians. Stimulating a single acupuncture point with a needle can thus affect blood flow/circulation, nerve conduction/pain, and the lymphatic/immune system.
Along with this concept is Qi (pronounced Chee).  Qi is the energy that flows through these meridians. Qi maintains and supports the vital activities of the body.
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and Herbology has a synergistic effect to the acupuncture treatments.  TCVM is 1000's of years old. All medications/herbs are derived from mother earth.  TCVM practitioners make decisions/diagnoses as to what Acupoints to select, what Chinese herbs to use based not only on the clinical symptoms in the patient but also observing tongue color/quality and pulse strength/weakness.  Thus each patient receives a very individualized prescription based on THEIR symptoms, tongue/pulse and response to ACUpoints.
TCVM is not a "quick fix".  It takes longer to see affects of herbs and acupuncture treatments. Often times, TCVM practitioners are seeing patients that have had the same illness for years. Thus, and often times if the patient has been sick for years then it will take at least weeks to years to peel away the layers of disease.
TCVM along with other holistic modalities help the body to heal itself with very few side affects along the path to return of health and balance.

Homeopathy is the use of remedies based on "like cures like" it is finding the remedy which, from testing has similar symptoms as the animal in need. Homeopathic remedies are very dilute medicines. Homeopathy follows the "Arndt Schultz Law" of physics where very dilute substances (homeopathic remedies)  "have a stimulating and therapeutic effect on living systems"  whereas more concentrated substances have an inhibitory or toxic affect which, homeopathy is not.
Homotoxicology is a branch of Biotherapeutic Medicine  using combinations of Homeopathic remedies to aid natural defense and promote natural detoxification processes. Homotoxicology improves enzymatic and energetic processes of cells, enhances immune response, can alter hormone levels or assist in natural healing. Here we have a branch of medicine to effect therapy at the CELLULAR level. Homeopathic and Homotox remedies are easily administered in oral and injectable forms because the doses are extremely small and tasteless (finicky dogs).

Cold Laser Therapy:
Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) is the use of low level-non heating-light energy from a laser to affect the physiological processes in cells to stimulate healing of damaged tissues and to reduce pain/swelling

Canine Rehabilitative/Physio Therapy:
Canine Physio therapy is the use of manual therapeutic techniques for rehabilitation of arthritic/injured/neurological and post surgical patients for improvement of functional mobility and manage pain. Manual therapies include stretching, joint mobilizations, massage and physio-therapeutic exercises.


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